page 1 The Paddock, Unit 8 Tudor Court, Ash Green, Coventry, West Midlands CV7 9GX walk in wardrobes  walk-in wardrobe  walk in closet  Buy wardrobe  wardrobes storage 02477 675071 walk in wardrobes  Advantages of Walk in Wardrobes System Over Traditional Door Wardrobes  When it comes to improving our homes, we can look to execute this is in a manner of different ways. It may be with the use of a lick of paint, some new curtains or simply re- arranging some of our furniture. However, one of the easiest ways in which we can improve our homes is to improve how they cater for us, in particular, how they store our belongings. Many homes will typically use traditional wardrobes in which to store their clothes, shoes and any other possessions which they wish to be neatly and discreetly stored away. However, over the past few years, many homeowners are opening up to the improvements within their home following the installation of a Walk in Wardrobes System. Although traditional wardrobes offer us the storage facilities we require, Walk in Wardrobes System offer us more advantages than we can imagine and can also become a staple feature within our home if designed and assembled correctly. One of the main advantages of a walk in wardrobe is the element of space. Compared to traditional wardrobes which will typically reside within our room effectively taking away space, a Walk in Wardrobes System is a room all of its own offering a wide amount of space and as the name suggests, allows us to simply ‘walk in’. This way, we will be provided with more living space within our bedroom, and will also be resourcefully using an unused room within our home. Traditional wardrobes will typically be designed in a rectangular shape which although allows us to have more than one door and allows for shelves and compartments; is not particularly imaginative. Walk in Wardrobes System can be designed in order to fit your ideas, and requirements. Shelves can be placed throughout the wardrobe in various areas, all custom made in order to fit a specific type of clothing which can be folded or simply to act as storage for other clothing related items. Shoe cubbies can be made in order to store and hide shoes, or even be designed in order to clearly display all shoes which you own. Other extras can include tie racks, belt racks and drawers to store gloves, scarves and any additional accessories you may have. In short, the designs which are possible with Walk in Wardrobes System allow you to neatly and practically store and organize your clothing. This allows for quicker changing time as you will be able to quickly identify your garments and make a quick decision-perfect for those rushed mornings to work! One of the disadvantages which come from purchasing traditional wardrobes is finding one which will fit within the design of our room currently. As Walk in Wardrobes System can be made to fir your exact tastes and requirements, the possibilities are endless in terms of how this can be executed. You can get creative with colors, benches to sit on whilst putting on your shoes, mirrors in various corners or even on strategically paced doors which will not only hide any areas you wish to be covered up, but will also allow you to view your outfit. You can also experiment with lighting, adding installed lighting within the shelves of your wardrobe rather than having to stick to traditional ceiling lighting which is sure to make your walk- in wardrobe truly stylish and modern looking. For an added improvement within your home, why not open your Walk in Wardrobes System to be an extension of your bathroom or bedroom for added space and ease in the mornings? When it comes to adding an improvement within our home, a Walk in Wardrobes System will not only provide you with a fantastic method of storage, but a new improved way of life in terms of getting ready for the day and generally keeping us organized. With your own designs and ideas in mind you can soon start making those much desired improvements on your home and experience for yourself the benefits which come from this fantastic alternative to the traditional wardrobe. Walkin wardrobe systems Walkin wardrobe ideas Walkin wardrobe plans Walkin wardrobe pictures Walkin wardrobe designs Designs for Walkin wardrobe Walkin wardrobe designs custom Walkin wardrobe Buy wardrobe Brochure Request click here